"Natural Beauty"

Happy Art


Marian Gliese

August 1 - August 27


Saturday, August 5 from 3 - 6 PM

Marian's Comment: "‘Natural Beauty,’ comes from my fascination with our amazing world, which to me is greatly artistic in itself: the majestic sculptural form of a mountain, patterns of branches in a tree, colorful flowers or the beauty of our furry and feathery friends. My artwork is an interpretation of the way I see nature, combined with inspiration found in works of other artists and pop culture. In my paintings, I isolate and simplify natural objects in order to emphasize their artistic value with tight and bold composition to maximize the use of space and force the viewer to see the painting as a whole. My artwork is very feminine, but at the same time strong and direct. I see my work as "happy art" and as an antidote to the terrible things going on in our world at this time.”

Gliese was born in Copenhagen Denmark and moved to the U.S. when she was in her thirties. She has resided here for 17 years. Originally a pharmacist, Marian began to pursue art and has been a member of The Artists Gallery for almost 12 years. While mostly self-taught, she has studied at both Corcoran and MICA. For the last two years, she has been president of the Artists Gallery and has been instrumental in the move from Columbia to Old Ellicott City, where the gallery has found a new and magnificent home.

For more information about Marian Gliese go to her website, MARIANGLIESE.COM.

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Gliese’s work will be displayed in the gallery’s featured artist space on the lower floor and the remainder of the space will feature work by the other Artists’ Gallery members.

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