Photographer, Joan Forester

Woodworkers, Ron Brown, Jordon Kitt,

and Dave McCann

September 26 - October 29


Sunday, October 1 from 3 - 5 PM

This show pays tribute to the the beauty of animals and natural wood.


Forester's photography on display focuses on beautiful images of African animal life. "My safari adventure in Tanzania was a photographer’s dream. We experienced the wildebeests crossing the Mara River, the savannah that was home to cats, giraffes, zebra, birds and nomads."

The Woodworkers Collective at Artists’ Gallery is a group of three woodworkers who display work that includes turned objects and wooden boxes. They all prefer to work in local hardwoods with unique grains, creating objects that highlight the natural beauty of wood found in the trees that surround us. Brown envisions his piece while it is still within the log and turns it on the lathe to create an attractive bowl or vessel.“Every piece of wood tells a story through its rings of annual growth." Most of the wood Kitt works with comes from Maryland fire wood piles. “I became interested in the trees that had to fight to survive." McCann creates object from jewelry boxes to tables primarily using locally available woods with exotic woods as accents. "The design and execution of projects offer many challenges that stimulate problem solving."

Click on the images below to view larger images.

Forester's photography and the woodworkers' pieces will be displayed in the gallery’s featured artist space on the lower floor and the remainder of the gallery's space will feature work by the other Artists’ Gallery members.

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