“Essential Elements:

Clay and Water"


Winnie Coggins and Karen Norman

February 27 - March 25, 2018


Sunday, March 11, 3 - 5 PM

Artists’ Gallery in Ellicott City will present the work of a long-time alumna, clay artist Winnie Coggins, and award-winning watercolor artist Karen Norman for its guest artist show, “Essential Elements: Clay and Water”. Visitors who come to the reception will have the opportunity to meet and chat with both guest artists as well as other gallery members.  Here are some examples of what you can expect.  Over 20 other artists will also have works in the gallery for your enjoyment.

Click on the images below to view larger images.

Winnie Coggins has been working in clay since 1976.  “I glaze and fire my work in oxidation, layering colors on form, using slabs as a canvas. Impressions of found objects build a vocabulary of images.  As a cook and gardener, I enjoy making forms for food and flowers, bringing art to the dining table. Working with clay is a serious addiction which I contracted many years ago; it continues to draw me in with the promise of the next pot,” she commented. Coggins’ work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in many venues, including the Maryland Federation of Art,  Artists’ Gallery,  Circle Galleries, Columbia Arts Center, the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center and the Potters Build of Baltimore. 

Coggins work can be seen at: www.winniecoggins.com

Karen Norman’s career in art began in color lithography, after she received her MFA at the University of Maryland. She soon began to explore the subtleties and possibilities of working in watercolor and has continued to create award-winning work in this medium for many years. In addition to painting, she illustrated a text book on psychology that her husband wrote several years ago. “Painting puts me in a place that is thoughtful and contemplative,” commented Norman.  “It never fails that my view changes and expands as I work, a process that is surprising to me and fuels not only my passion to paint but also my desire to teach and see creativity and joy ignited in my students. “ Norman is a signature member of the Baltimore Water Color Society, the Potomac Valley Watercolorists and past president of the Olney Art Association.

Norman’s work can be seen at: www.karennorman.net

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