"Double Vision in Color”

Paintings by

Mariane Gliese and Deborah Hoeper

August 27 - September 29, 2019


Saturday, September 14 from 4 - 6 PM

Marian Gliese and Debbie Hoeper, bring their individual visions of the natural world together to create “Double Vision in Color”, a colorful exhibit for September at Artists' Gallery in Ellicott City.

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Deborah Hoeper began her career as a representational painter.  Her recent landscapes are more abstract than realistic.  

 “I enjoy working with color,  creating subtle changes, rather than changes of value. My paintings are based upon an emotional reaction to the landscape.  I strive to capture the illusion of place, a mysterious scene. I don't put figures in my paintings because I want the view to be uninterrupted. A successful painting is one that draws the viewer into it, creating a connection between the viewer and the painting. “ 

Debbie Hoeper is a local Maryland artist and a native West Virginian.  She has a studio at Passageways, in Riverdale, Maryland and is a charter member of The Artists' Gallery.


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​Marian Gliese paints bold, colorful, feminine, and decorative oil paintings. Each painting vibrates with life and celebrates nature’s glory. She is seeking to find the sensuous quality of her subjects to make her paintings show their inner depth. Marian Gliese is creating a visual language of her own and her art is passionate, alive and presents itself with a compelling presence.

Marian Gliese was born and raised in Denmark, but has been a resident of Maryland since 2000. She has been a member of the Artists’ Gallery since 2005 and president since 2015. 


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Over 20 other artists are on display at Artists' Gallery.

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