"Colors of The Seasons"

Paintings by Jing-Jy Chen

September 29 - November 1, 2020

With her Asian heritage, free mind, wide imagination, and an eye for finding nature’s internal beauty, her artwork presents a fresh expression of the world surrounding us.  Color changes in seasons, flowers and birds are her favorite subjects. She uses watercolor or color mixed with ink to create subtle variation shades. Her recent work involves using thick ink, thin ink, and gluey ink, and colors to create texture of accidental effect.  She worked as an Artist-in-Residence at Maryland schools, teaching students the techniques she uses in the paintings.

You can purchase some of Jing-Jy's painting in the Online Store

Click on the images below to view larger images.

As a longtime Howard County resident and teacher, Jing-Jy Chen was born in Tainan, Taiwan.  She received her B.A. in Chinese literature from Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan, and her M.Ed. from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. 

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