Debbie Hoeper

Deborah Hoeper began her career as a representational painter. Her recent landscapes are more abstract than realistic.
“I enjoy creating subtle changes in color rather than changes of value. My paintings are based upon an emotional reaction to the landscape. I strive to capture the illusion of place, a mysterious scene."

A successful painting is one that creates a connection for both the artist and the observer.

While painting en plein air in France, she was complemented on the emergence of her “particular style". The instructor noted that each of Ms. Hoeper 's paintings reflected that style.

Ms. Hoeper is a local Maryland artist. A native West Virginian, she has had a studio at Passageways, in Riverdale, Maryland, for twenty years. She has exhibited her work in many local galleries over the past years and is a charter member of The Artists' Gallery. She is an artist member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society.

Passageways Artist Studios
6001 – 66th Avenue #201
Riverdale, MD 20737
(301)-459-8038 (Studio)
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