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Brenda Guardala

Brenda Guardala

My art education started in the San Francisco Bay Area as a young person, and my artistic direction is continually evolving with each painting .   After years of working as an office manager I finally reached a place where I can devote myself entirely to being an oil painter.  I, also, enjoy photography as a hobby to produce reference material for my paintings.  


I am a contemporary realist oil painter. My oil paintings are orchestrated from carefully balanced elements of light and color within the composition.  First,  I take many photos looking looking for ways to arrange and enhance these elements to satisfy my search.  I look for shape, contrast, and repetition to strengthen the color balance and light in my paintings before starting with large brushes to block in colors, constantly correcting elements before finally ending with smaller brushes to finalize the details and highlight deleted areas to add a depth and feeling to the painting. 


Collections - 

Permanent collection of Howard County Community College. 


Juried shows and exhibits -

2022 - Blossoms of Hope Invitational Show to benefit the Claudia Mayer and Tina Broccolino Cancer Resource Center

2021 - Art Howard County Juried Show

2019 - Howard County Open Second Place Emerging Artist Award

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