Carl Segal

Carl Segal, a Columbia resident since 1970, has been a serious "Zoo Buff" since he was 11 years old. In 1988 he began a project to write and photo-illustrate a coffee table book about American zoos.  Although that book was never published, he has since visited more than 200 zoos throughout North America and Western Europe and taken about 150,000 photos.


His goal has been to specialize in portraits of the animals and try to show something of their "personalities".  He also takes wildlife photos (primarily waterfowl) in American national parks and reserves such as Bombay Hook, Blackwater and the Everglades  

He has tried to emphasize the fact that American Zoos have undergone a revolution during the past 50 years.  They no longer attempt to squeeze many individual animals into small, inadequate cages.  Instead they try to present exhibits that are spacious, include multiple species and are naturalistic and educational.


Carl also takes other types of photos including florals, landscapes and tall, impressive buildings.  Oh yes, in addition he continues to practiced psychiatry in Howard County as he has done since 1972.

A Lion in Pittsburgh
A View of Lake Michigan from the Milwaukee Art Museum
The Company CEO
Merely a Meerkat
A Duo of Great Anteaters
A Wise, Old Chimp
Giraffe Quartet
Colorful Lorikeet
A Proud American Eagle
Kissing Macaws
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