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Cheryl Lucente


Although I was born in England I was married to an American from New York whom I met on a business trip to Washington DC when we both worked for British Airways. I subsequently became an American citizen. I have 2 grown sons who live and work in New York. Sadly I am now a widow.

I have always loved to draw and from an early age I began to draw people which is still my main passion to paint. I did the equivalent of AP art in high school but actually got a scholarship from British Airways to do a degree in business.

My formal training in art is rather limited. I did 2 evening classes at Ramapo College in New Jersey when my sons were toddlers. I did a course on children’s illustrating when we lived in Los Angeles, when I actually finished a manuscript and submitted it for publication. It was turned down but before I could pursue another publisher we moved to Rome. My husband’s job moved us frequently.

After several years and further moves we found ourselves in London. There I spent a couple of years studying with the British artist Vincent Milne before my husband retired and we moved to Maryland.

Since our return To the USA I have joined the Howard County Portrait Society and paint regularly with them, learning from some of the wonderful artists who go there. I also joined the Artists’ Gallery where I am currently an associate member.

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