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Artists' Gallery of Ellicott City, MD

"Stoking the afer at Home"
Oil Paintings by Chris Rapa

May 4 -  May 29, 2022
Reception: May 14 from 3 - 6 PM
Painting Demo: May 14, Noon

Emerging from two years of uncertainty, “Safer at Home” is a collection of familiar subjects, painted from my studio. Musing on travels, family gatherings, and daily life “before,” these paintings are both nostalgic and hopeful. They celebrate memories, daydreams, and the token treasures I surround myself with. Working in oil, on linen panels, my impressions and recollections take shape as interior-scapes and still life vignettes. With reality and imagination intertwined, these scenes represent my appreciation for the comfort and respite of home. 

We hope you drop by the gallery to see the real thing but all of these works can be purchased directly from this website.

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