Diane Dunn

Website: dianebdunn.com


After years of exploring black and white fine art photography, I have returned to my love of painting as a creative outlet. My goal in painting, as in photography, is to capture a sense of time and place – to explore the essence of an object, being or location and to communicate an emotional response to a moment when something captivates my imagination. I work in water media (watercolors and acrylics) and oil but am exploring other materials, including pastel and collage, to obtain a full range of color, texture and energy.

Longwood Waterlilies II
Flora with Egg I
Rhododendruns Roan Mountain
Street Commerce Morocco
Coast Garden, Maine
Monet's Pond
Mexican Salad
Longwood Waterlilies I
Los Cocos, Costa Rica
Cadaquez Twilight
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