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Jane Knighton



Instagram: @jane_knighton

Jane Knighton is a Maryland oil painter who discovered plein air painting as a way to combine travel and being outdoors. Many of her paintings have become a visual travel log. Jane also enjoys painting in her studio.  Jane Knighton considers herself a lifelong artist that began in preschool. Native to Baltimore, she was surrounded by family and friends who were painters, sculptors, and designers. These influential people shaped her decision to become an art educator for the Howard County Public Schools System.

Currently, Jane Knighton devotes her artistic pursuit to painting full time in the studio and outdoors. Studying with Maryland artists Hai-Ou Hou, Rita Curtis, Palden Hamilton, Tim Bell. Lee Boyton, Ken Kalic; as well as Larry Moore of Florida have influenced her style and expressive voice. Painting workshops at Chesapeake Fine Arts Studio and other local venues have also been beneficial to her pursuits. Jane Knighton exhibits in galleries across Maryland, participates, and has won many awards in plein air events across the state as well as in Gloucester, Virginia.  

Jane Knighton lives in Howard County with her husband and has two adult children.

Artists’ Gallery, Ellicott City, MD
Howard County Center for the Arts,

Ellicott City, MD
River Arts Gallery, Chestertown, MD
Working Artists Forum, Easton, MD
Maryland Federation of Arts, Annapolis, MD
The Mid-Atlantic Plein Air painters Association

B.A., Special Education & Elementary Education, University of MD, College Park, MD
M.Ed., Art Education, Towson University,

Towson, MD
M.A., Art Therapy, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Artist Statement
I am a Maryland artist, with an expressive approach to painting and find joy capturing the beauty of the moment both outdoors and in the studio. As I stand behind my easel responding to the unfolding view, I experience a freedom and a clearing of the mind. My goal is to capture these moments with color, light, and mark making. I believe the power of art can transform ourselves and our world. Adventures in this creative journey are before me in endless possibilities; presented by the artistic process, people I encounter, and images I paint.  Vincent Van Gough once said, “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

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