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Jerry Weinstein



Jerry Weinstein has been a nature photographer for the past four decades, professionally for the last fifteen years.  His aim is to show the viewer a perspective not ordinarily noticed and to portray the beauty and serenity that exist in nature – even in the smallest and most commonplace objects.   


His photos of birds and other animals strive to show the animals in their natural habitat, unsullied by the interference of human hands. He enjoys “shooting” wildlife while hiking on U.S. and foreign trips as well as while strolling around Columbia’s many lakes. He also photographs animals in zoos and developed numerous techniques to capture an animal so that it doesn’t appear to be caged.


 Jerry frequently focuses on portraits of flowers in their natural settings, and he recently broadened out to include both landscapes and people in his photography. 


 Please look at Jerry’s website at  You can contact him via his Website or at (410) 381-9393.

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