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Description: This piece is a self-portrait.  Many figures to the right of the female in this painting.  One in the upper right has the feeling of madness.  A monster. The imagery of horns and teeth.  The next figure towards the middle yields a halo.  A symbol of goodness.  It is positioned in between the female and the “monster” as to protect her from all that troubles her.   There is a small female figure of robins egg blue sketched with charcoal.  This is her sexuality on display.  Hidden in the background but placed in the center of the piece.  Hidden in plain sight.  It is a tranquil color, and you see it through out the painting to give the feeling of peacefulness with the chaos of my emotions, life and sexuality all around me.  As a artist I feel like will never be defined as long as I am constantly learning about myself and the world around me.  


Material: Oil on Canvas


Dever-Uncapher - Undefined

  • 16x20”

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