The Woodworkers Collective

The Woodworkers Collective at Artists’ Gallery consists of two woodworkers who display work that includes turned objects and wooden boxes. They all prefer to work in local hardwoods with unique grains, creating objects that highlight the natural beauty of wood found in the trees that surround us.


Gene Adcock's wood art is "all about artistic craftsmanship, fun and enjoyment."  Depending on the material he harvests locally, his work can “turn” out to be earthy statements, eye-catching serviceable, or Pop Art fun. 

Dave McCann creates object from jewelry boxes to tables primarily using locally available woods with exotic woods as accents. "The design and execution of projects offer many challenges that stimulate problem solving."

Blushing Vessel
Bonsai Jewelry Box
Black Pearl
Square Nest
Butterfly Jewelry Box
Pepper Mills
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Bonsai Jewelry Box