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Ye Feng

I came to love Chinese landscape art at an early age. Chinese landscape painting is one of my passions; it reflects the splendor and serenity of nature and brings a sense of calmness that’s cherished in modern society and extolled as a means to go beyond the mire of quotidian world. A lot of time, I feel that the landscape painting is not about painting the landscape itself. Clouds, mountains, forests and rivers have been regarded and esteemed as sources of purity and magnificence. The landscape painting is more of a pilgrimage of self-cultivation and refinement than a mere visual duplication of the material scenery.  Art for me is both a journal and bridge; it helps me to record my life’s progression, identify myself with the extension of lofty literati ideals and share a simple pleasure with others. While painting, I tried ardently to mix a high level of detail with a reinterpreted realistic world, to form a sophisticated visual expression. Each composition is like a symphony of calligraphic brushworks imbued with bold self expression. Each brush stroke bears the trappings of the aesthetics of calligraphy and harmonic beauty, together enforcing a poetic visual impact which resonates with inner spirits and contemplation of the innate beauty of a reclusive word.

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