Juried Art Shows, Best Practices and Tips

Participating in juried art shows is an excellent way for artists to share their work with art aficionados and garner appreciation from other accompalished artists. Applying for a juried show and opening oneself to being critiqued can be a bit daunting if one is new to the process. We asked our members who have been deep experience in participating in, as well as jurying, professional art shows to weigh in on the best practices to keep in mind while preparing your entries.

"Before becoming a member of the Artists' Gallery, I applied and was accepted into the annual Juried Exhibit. Last year I won special recognition for my slate, rock and smalti abstract piece, The Journey which is currently on display at the gallery. My advice is to carefully read the prospectus, follow the directions and have all of your materials prepared before filling out the application - it makes the processes smoother and more satisfying when you click, "submit!" - Lisa Scarbath

"As a professional oil painter, I enter many national and local art competitions every year. I really try to enter work that will set me apart from other applicants by choosing work that illustrates my strengths. First and foremost, it is important to follow the guidelines of the prospectus for size requirements, image resolution, and theme. Many times artists are disqualified for not reading the directions and submitting their work properly. I give myself the best chance by making sure that the colors in my photos of my work are as close as possible to the original artwork- with no glare, sheen, or artifacts. I want the juror to be able to see my color and brushwork clearly, as if they were in front of my painting. I typically take photos of my paintings outside with my phone in the shade on a sunny day. If I am getting lots of glare, I will use a piece of cardboard above the work to block ambient light.

After taking photos, I make a folder on my computer and put a handful of image options for the particular show. I then start the process of narrowing it down to the few images that I will submit. I try to view my work objectively, looking at technique. If i am able to submit more than one image, I also choose artwork that has different subjects and color palettes, to give myself a better chance of at least one of my works appealing to the juror. (ie: I may choose a landscape and a stillife, instead of submitting two stillife paintings.) The artwork image(s) that I ultimately submit to a competition, have what I believe to be; good composition, value structure, use of color, and a variety of mark-making.' - Amanda Milliner

"Submit your best work. Jurors tend to favor artwork which has its foundation in meaningful composition and solid technique. They also look for originality of theme, so be sure to use your own references and ideas. Equally important is the presentation of your piece. The paintings should be professionally framed and ready for installation." - Nishita Jain

Last but not least, there is still time to apply for the Artists' Gallery's annual juried show! Apply here.